Nov 12, 2010

Mexican Miracle Charms

I was inspired by the Mexican tin hearts image above - printed by gusano de luz, Mexico - to make a paper charms mobile. I discovered recently that they are miracle charms! I had no idea, I was just fascinated by the designs. Devoted people in Mexico, go to church and attach little metal charms to an image of a chosen Saint to ask for protection or help, these small metal charms come in many shapes depending on each person needs. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are traditional Roman Catholic devotional images, a person in love and in need of help with a relationship or a heart condition would choose a heart shaped charm to ask for help. I guess my home will be full of love, if I keep hanging my paper heart charms along my walls. To learn more about this interesting objects and tradition go to this site.

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