Sep 28, 2010

Some Mexican death names and figures

In Mexico there are more than 50 death names. These are a few names and figures I found in a mexican Lotería, a board game similar to Bingo, that I got in Jalisco. Some of these names are impossible to translate, except for the serious one and the sad one. La Catrina, the one with the big feathered hat is the most popular.

Catrina Paper Dolls

We are near The Day of the Dead celebration here in Mexico and I have finished a few cheerful Catrinas for the event. The paper dolls silhouettes were die-cut with a cutting plotter machine, however, a simpler version can be done by hand. I used 200 grams black, and white card paper, UHU stick glue, and paper clips as neck and feet. For the color version I used American Crafts pattern paper. I made the feathers with 80 grams bond paper.

Sep 22, 2010

Paper Roses

I don't like fake flowers, those that are so well made that you believe they are real. When I finished the ones in the pictures, using cheap plain paper, I liked the way they looked even though they were not real, I wonder why, and it is because paper roses are artificial but not fake, that is the difference. I learned how to make paper roses watching this video in You Tube.

Sep 13, 2010

My Cats in the Hat

Alejandra and Daniela Aguirre from HAT diseño have invited me to bring some of my paper cats to their beautiful design store in Polanco, Mexico City. Here they are posing for the portraits. The store is located in Lope de Vega 318, Colonia Polanco. Phone number 5250 0447

Mexican Catrina

I have started a new project. I am creating a paper dolls collection inspired in popular culture characters. This is the first muck-up of a Mexican Catrina, very popular during El Día de Muertos, celebrated in November. I used recycled packaging, china paper, a plastic bag strip, stickers and three paper clips. I got the idea of using paper clips from Joel Henriques' blog. Joel has designed a lot of fun toys using simple materials. Here you will find the paper clip puppets he made for his kids. Very cute.

Sep 9, 2010

The wise old owl paper toy

... The wise old owl sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke ...
To make The Wise Old Owl is very easy. Learn how to make a puffy box first, this will be the owl's body. Then, get some stickers for the eyes and peek, and make the legs twisting a couple of clips. Use more stickers to attach the legs to the body.